Rethink Plastic Bags Campaign 不想再「膠」

Have you ever wondered...


“How many plastic/recycled bags you get in a normal week?


                        How to encourage people use recycled bags rather than accepting free plastic bags”?

By organising this "Rethink Plastic Bags Campagin", JCEIA is aiming to increase the awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags to our environment and to encourage passers-by to "Rethink" the urge for plastic bags consumption. This campagin is comprised with three stages, stage 1 "Bag Back", stage 2 "What is in your bag?" photo contest, and stage 3 "Plastic Bag Art Creation and Exhibition".

Stage 1:
7.27 Bag Back

Our first Rethink Plastic Bag Campagin event - Bag Back was held on 27th July, 2013, with the hlep of 50 volunteers we have exchanged more than 500 plastics bags to resable cloth bags with the passers-by in Mong Kok.

Stage 2: 
What is in your bag? 

Facebook Photo Contest 

We are now hosting a Photo Contest on our offical JCEIA Facebookpage. You are invited to share a picture of items that you carry in your bag to our Facebook page with an environmentally related caption. Paticipants who gained the 123 votes or more will win a free personalized guided tour to a natural conservation park in Hong Kong. What are you waiting for? get your cameras ready NOW!  

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Stage 3: 
Plastic bag art creation and exhibition 

Don't worry, we have not forgotten the plastic bags that were collected from our Bag Back event. We are JCEIA is currently looking for a team of local artists or designers who can put the collected plastic bags to showcases that can display in high traffic areas.

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