2017 Feb 11

Annual Conference 2017

On February 11, 2017, JCEIA held our flagship Annual Conference to bring in leaders of Sustainability in the Fashion Design and Retail Industry to meet students in town. The event happened at The Hong Kong Polytechnic Unversity (PolyU). We were honoured to be accompanied by Secretary for the Environment Mr KS Wong; also representatives of Hong Kong Celebrity and Sustainable Fashion Advocate, The Green Artivist, Redress, Crystal Group, HKRITA, H&M and Institute of Textiles and Clothing of PolyU.

2016 Jan 30

Annual Conference 2016

The Annual Conference 2016 is themed as Biodiversity Conservation. This conference held on 30 Jan 2016 at City University of Hong Kong. We are delighted to have Prof. K.C. Lam to be our keynote speaker, with AFCD, Ocean Park , WWF and Mott Macdonald representatives to share its works and experience in biodiversity conservation in Hong Kong . This conference is remarkable with engaging over 200 participants including students and general public.

2015 Jan 24

Annual Conference 2015

In 2015, JCEIA hosted our flagship conference on the areas of implementation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management. In order to help our audience gaining a better understanding on MSW management policies; waste reduction systems; community engagement and environmental education

2014 Sep 17-20

Metro Radio Interview 綠「識」樂團訪問@新城數碼音樂台

Want to know why JCEIA was formed, and what do we do? Please click on the following link to listen to our interviews with Catherine at Metro Radio Digital Music Channel. Program is conducted in Cantonese. 


JCEIA 接受了新城數碼音樂台阮庭所主持的「綠「識」樂團」的訪問,想知道我們是怎樣走在一起,








2012 Dec 02

Long Walk to Freedom Short Path to Joy

What is your way to build a better world? Joint University Environmental Innovation Forum presents you Long Walks to Freedom, Short Path to Joy, by Dr. Satish Kumar. Sharing his valuable insights in turning impossible into possible. Not to mention, an Art Jamming session was held before the seminar, giving our partcipants an great opportunity and fun experience in expressing their feelings without any concerns!

2012 Jul 03


Thank you for your kind support! With your enthusiasm, we were able to deliver a platform of multidisciplinary intellectual exchanges on environmental issues! If you missed our Joint-University Environmental Innovation Forum, don't worry. Click into our Newsletter and read all the details.

2012 Jun 03

SCMP reported our event!

We do not only talk about sustainable development, but also put this into action by encouraging our participants to adopt green living life-style.

2012 Jun 02

Joint-University Environmental Innovation Forum

Our very first event, we invited Dr. Sarah Liao Sau-tung as our keynotpeaker. We also invited other representativs from different sectors to conduct three workshops, sharing their knowledge and discussing issues with participants regarding to Energy, Architecture and Urban Design, and Environmental Policy.

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