Think "Green" Of the Box Seminar

at Open University of Hong Kong













What is sustainable living? Is it about planting trees and growing one’s own food; is it about giving up all of the fun things in life, such as no shopping no meat and living like a monk; or, is it about anti-development and keeping everything in status-quo? Then it comes an important question - - why does sustainability matters? Does it affects us as individuals, as world citizens and as human beings? And finally, how are we going to live sustainably?


Statistics show there is a rapid increase of Green House Gases (GHGs) emission since industrial revolution and clear evidences point out human behavior contribute a huge part in this GHGs emission, leading to a rapid fluctuation in the global climate change. Therefore, we need to be responsible for our act, our behavior is not just changing the climate and causing damage to the environment, but also causing possible threats to our very own health – “What goes around, comes around”.


Yet, being environmental friendly or “green” does not mean we need to scarify everything in order to “save the world”. There are lots of alternative choices that we can choose in nowadays, where we can be environmentally responsible, as well as maintaining a sustainable quality life style. The key is to choose wisely. On the other, Modern-day technology can indeed give us a wide range of alternative green solutions with convenience. However, relying on the advance technology is not enough, changing our habit can be more effective than we can imagine. All it takes is to make some minor changes to our living style and it will not cause any us pain and harm after all.

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