Plastic Bag Art Creation


The Idea...


Is very simple, we go on the busiest street of Mong Kok, exchange well-designed recycled bags with any citizens carrying plastic bag, and ask them about their bag using habits. We then launch a “What is in your bag campaign” though Facebook and other social media, aiming to attract people to upload pictures of their daily usage of bags. Then we use the bags collected from street and the images from the campaign to create a series of inspiring art pieces and tour around.


We can create some fact sheet about bag-collection behaviors in Hong Kong with the data collected, and display next to the plastic bag art so as to not only provide visual impact but also actual data. We hope by doing these we can raise public awareness and also provide useful information for education institutes and government.


We need YOUR support!


We are looking for a team of artists who can take our collected plastic bags and create eye-catching pieces to showcase the plastic waste and environmental issues in Hong Kong. The pieces will be displayed in high flow areas such as shopping mall, public areas or Universities.








Stage one

  Street Action Date: 27th July


Stage two

  “What is in your bag?” Facebook campaign: August 2013


Stage Three

   Art creation: Summer and fall 2013

    Art Tour:  (Tentative) fall 2013

I wanna join!