"Bag Back"  Street Action

 7·27 交袋日街頭行動

Part of the Asia-Europe Green Action


The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), together with the Joint College Environmental Innovation Alliance (JCEIA) has organized the ASEF Green Action on Saturday 27 July 2013 in Hong Kong SAR, China.


ASEF Green Action once again raised awareness on the harmful effects of plastic on the environment in Asia and Europe. During the interactive activity “BAG BACK”, more than 50 volunteers engaged with passers-by in Hong Kong SAR to exchange their plastic shopping bags for a sustainable reusable cloth bag, and also conducted mini-survey to know about the plastic bag using habits in Hong Kong.


The volunteers have successfully interviewed 143 passer-by, and found out 76% of them would prepare reusable bag on the “often “and “sometimes” basis. However, 48% of them were not aware of the 

extension of the Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags (“PSB Levy Scheme”), which has been gazetted and past for Legco discussion in early May. 


Once confirmed all commercials are not allowed to give away any form of free plastic bags. JCEIA believes that due to the extensive impacts of such levy extension, the Government may want to set up more publicity and promotion to avoid any unnecessary disputes later.



“BAG BACK” will remind consumers that they have a choice not to degrade our environment. Although the Hong Kong’s Product Eco-responsibility (Plastic Shopping Bags) Regulation with a HKD 0.50 levy for each plastic bag has been in place for four years, many consumers still use many plastic bags. The ASEF Green Action initiative is a follow-up to the 18th ASEF University (AU18), themed “Conscious Consumers for Environmental Sustainability” in August 2012 in Tartu, Estonia. In close cooperation with 

AU18 participants, bag exchanges along with other activities are taking place between April and August in seven Asian and European countries. The ASEF Green Action in Hong Kong SAR is coordinated by AU18 participant



聯校環境創新協會(JCEIA)於7月27日 下午2時至4時在旺角行人天橋舉行了「交」袋日街頭行動。活動招募了超過50位義工,並於活動當日與途人交換了約500個膠袋。











本次街頭行動由亞洲-歐洲基金(ASEF)贊助, 聯校環境創新協會(JCEIA)舉辦, 活動

是亞洲-歐洲基金“綠色行動”(Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Green Action)的香港分支,目前綠色行動已在7個亞洲及歐洲國家/地區舉行。



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