About Us

We are a group of students and graduates of environmental related subjects who believe we can and we should do something to make our society better.

We Care 

Joint College Environmental Innovation Alliance, also known as JCEIA established by a group of environmental students from various universities across Hong Kong. We gather together with the aims to provide a diverse platform for multidisciplinary intellectual exchange on environmental issues; to increase public awareness of environmental issues innovatively; to encourage interaction between stakeholders and share our knowledge to the public.   


We learn

Consist of current and graduate students from various disciplines, we understand the importance of multi-disciplines in environmental management. We will keep getting fresh ideas from you, and other professionals and keep ourselves improved.


We innovate 

Through organizing and engaging in intellectual exchanges, such as forums, and interactive events, such as street action and art creations! Know more about our events!

Our Committee

Structure of JCEIA

JCEIA Friends

Anyone who is interested in JCEIA and its events is welcome to become JCEIA Friends by sending us an email!


Green Builders

If you have the passion in delivering a better society; willing to support, help organizing or even initiate events of JCEIA, don't hesitate, contact us now and share your thoughts with us!


Core Members 

If you are interested in joining JCEIA, simply click the following link and send us your inquiry form!


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